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Portable Pop Up Tent with Multiple Features


(22 customer reviews)

Privacy Tent for Portable Toilet, Shower, and Changing Room for Camping and Outdoors – Spacious, Extra Tall and Waterproof with Utility Accessories – Sturdy and Easy Fold

  • DURABLE AND WATERPROOF MATERIAL – The Alpcour Camping Shower tent was designed and engineered to be one of the most durable and long-lasting available in the market. With this goal in mind, it is only made using the highest quality materials. The whole tent is made of polyester fabric which is an essential material for showers. It is 100% waterproof, durable, and lightweight. To keep the tent upright and sturdy, it is enforced with metal rods as its frame, allowing it to withstand rain and wind.
  • EXPERIENCE COMFORT OUTDOORS – To give you an enjoyable and worry-free camping experience, this Alpcour shower tent was made to give you a comfortable shower area no matter where you are. At a height of 6 ft 10.7” x 3 ft 11” width and length, it is assured to accommodate almost anyone with great comfort. It can serve as an area for shower, potty, changing, or even installing your portable camping toilet seats.
  • INCLUDES ESSENTIAL UTILITIES – The pop up privacy tent also includes various utility accessories that are aimed to make you feel like you’re showering at home! It is equipped with hooks specially added for your camping lanterns and towels. It also has cloth hangers and toilet paper holders which are essential for changing rooms and toilets. Lastly, the Alpcour camping shower tent is also equipped with a storage pocket perfect for your toiletries and even personal items.
  • SECURITY AND PRIVACY – Aside from comfort, the Alpcour portable shower tent’s main purpose is to give you security and privacy during showering, changing, and even during nature’s call. The whole design and structure will give you confidence that you are secured and hidden even in broad daylight with its thick polyester material. The fact that it can withstand wind and rain will also free you of the worry that your tent might get blown away and put you in an embarrassing situation.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO FOLD – To fully give you convenience while camping, the Alpcour pop up tent is designed to be easily installed and disassembled. A manual for the installation process is included for every purchase. When not in use, it can be folded compactly and stored in its carry bag. It also includes ropes, sandbags, and stakes for sturdy installation. In addition to its accessories, it has a hole specially made for shower installation, and also a zipper window for proper ventilation.

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People can now be comfortable while doing their business outdoors with this pop-up privacy tent from the outdoor experts at Alpcour. This versatile pop-up tent is very easy to assemble and fold for great portability! Bring this privacy tent on camping vacations in the forest or the beach, on fishing or swimming trips, even bring it on hikes, events, or any place where you might need to get some privacy.

Perfect for anyone that feels uncomfortable doing their business in the open outdoors, this tent is filled to the brim with multiple features that will make everything a more comfortable experience. Equipped with a hanger, hooks, toilet paper holder, and a storage pocket for all your belongings. The tent is also designed with a large 48×48″ inside area, it has the right amount of space to fit all of Alpcours portable toilets. The tent is also 6.8 ft tall which is suitable for an average height man.

Stop holding it in when you really need to go, just grab Alpcour’s Pop-Up Privacy Tent now and feel safe, secure, and comfortable when answering the call of nature.


• 1 x Pop-up Privacy Tent
• 1 x Carrying Bag
• 1 x Mesh Rooftop
• 1 x Removable Rain Cover
• 1 x Removable Floor Mat
• 1x Window
• 1x Shower Opening
• 1 x Lanter Hook
• 1 x Towel Hook
• 1 x Towel/Cloth Hanger
• 1 x Toilet Paper Holder
• 1 x Storage Pocket
• 4 x Ropes
• 4 x Stakes
• 4 x Attached Sand Bags

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22 reviews for Portable Pop Up Tent with Multiple Features

  1. Trusted Source

    Use this to change into/out of swim trunks at the beach. Once you are headed home it is great, wrap up wet/sandy clothes into a bag. fold up the tent and go home without being arrested.

  2. Gunnar Vogtmann

    Having it stashed away but ready in a instant is nice. It pops to its full size quickly enough and is user ready in just a flash. Comes with hardware to keep it in place. Has a hole in the top for a shower setup if wanted. Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

  3. Heartlora

    Very tall and has mesh at top for air but comes with a cap to protect from rain guard. Floor id removal but not sure how hard it will be to scrub up and dry. Very heavy duty watch video to gold.

  4. JiggyBear

    This is a great pop-up privacy tent to take camping or hunting. It is pretty roomy and can be used for changing clothes, cleaning up or with a porte-potty for some privacy.It’s especially great to take hunting, where everyone seems to be using binoculars, lol!

  5. Hayley O.

    I am obsessed with this outdoor shower the pocket inside is perfect for my things and it’s easy to pop up and down once you get the hang of it

  6. Dean!

    We got this for around the pool area when we have guests. When we are done at the pool, we actually change the little kids before they enter the house with wet swimsuits, dripping all over the hardwood floors, but mainly because it is significantly warmer to take off the wet swim wear outside in the heat and wrap them in their beach towel.We also plumbed one of our sprinkler zones so that we could actually rinse off before and after the pool, too! I just use my cell phone, launch my sprinkler app and I can turn on that zone for a few minutes.This is fairly easy to fold and let me tell you, super tall, you can easily take a shower and any large adult could easily change. The zipper is easy to use from the inside and outside. A parent and kid can easily use this at the same time.This isn’t the super lightest I would have thought for the material, but again, this one is extra tall so there’s a lot of material. This is NOT see-thru at all.

  7. Kyle

    This privacy tent that is great for changing, portable bathrooms, and portable showers when camping is very nice. The materials and craftsmanship are very good compared to other similar style products that I’ve used in the past. Set up and break down is simple. I expect this privacy tent to have a lengthy useful life based on the initial quality.

  8. Jokemon

    I’ve had my eye on these tents for awhile. I knew it would be great for a shower by the pool, or to take camping, but it wasn’t until I decided I wanted a steam room that I decided to get one. It is lightweight, sturdy with good seams and zipper. It is over 6′ tall when you unfold it from the carry bag. You simply untwist it, and then unfold it to get a full size roomy pop-up tent. I put a stool inside and my steam machine and , what do you know, I now have a steambath on my patio! It is also a nice changing room or shower stall and is surprisingly roomy. It includes a floor and stakes so it doesn’t blow away. It is a bit of a learning curve to figure out the moves to twist it back down to size, but learning something new is good!

  9. Steve B from MO

    It’s nice having protection from the elements and children while doing your business. This shelter goes up in seconds and then comes down in seconds. Very happy with it.

  10. Tara Moore

    This whole tent was made of polyester fabric which is an essential material for showers.It’s 100% waterproof, durable, lightweight and stands at a height of 6 ft. 10.7” x 3 ft. 11” width and length. This pop up tent has been used as several different outdoors uses… We used it for the showers on the last camping trip ( we have 2)THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY OUTDOOR ADVENTURESTHE COST WAS AFFORDABLE ALSOI LOVE IT

  11. Melissa G

    This portable pop up tent from Alpcour has everything! This privacy tent can easily function as a shower house with the opening at the top to allow a solar bag shower head to be used. There is even a towel strap that functions as a towel bar. A side pocket for soap. Should you need this as the toilet room, there is a toilet paper strap as well! Alpcour really thought of everything- including tall folks! This tent is 6′ 8″ making it roomy enough for those who need the extra head space. Despite the height of this tent, I was able to cover the top by myself and I’m only 5’5″. This is so easy to set up and take down. I followed the instructions included. I love that this comes with the floor mat- that is going to make it so much nicer for showers! This is certainly worth the price! My only concern is the mesh top getting caught on something and getting torn. I’ll be extra careful with that section. Overall, this is a great product! I’ll update in the future as to the longevity. As for now, can’t wait to get out camping with this!

  12. Eric L.

    The setup on this is amazing. Just whip it out and it pops open. Stake it down if you like, clip in the optional floor, and you’re done. The whole thing takes a couple of minutes. Breaking down is also super quick and easy once you get the trick. It took me a little bit of practice before I understood how to do it. Now, packing it up is as easy as unpacking it. Once packed up, it forms a flat disc shaped unit that you can tuck into almost anywhere.Quality here seems quite good. At least it’s on a par with other nicer tents I’ve tried. It’s tall inside. I’m only 5’8” but there’s room for a six foot person to stand up. Of course it doesn’t matter that much as it’s not meant for standing up in for long periods of time.There’s a permanent skylight in the ceiling which is nice for ventilation. It also comes with a separate rain flap which I didn’t install (we don’t get rain here) but it probably keeps rain out of the skylight. There’s a zippered window high up, so if you’re using this as a privy you get some extra ventilation but still have privacy.This is very nicely designed, nicely made, and is so easy to deploy that I will actually use it.

  13. Pat Walsh

    I decided to get this after a recent camping trip where we went to a remote campground that did have a bathroom – but…. in the middle of the night, I did not want to walk all the way to the bathroom to go… we had friends all around us in tents and it was a “when you gotta go, you gotta go” situation, so i decided to try and handle it right outside the tent, when I ended up seeing one of our friends walk by – because he had gone to the bathrooms. We camp a lot – so i wanted to find some way to handle these things better. This is a perfect solution!> weighs practically nothing… no problem toting it into a campsite.> sets up in less than a minute. To get it down takes a bit of training. So when you know how to do it, it’d take less than a minute, but it took me a few tries, learning the folds. so a few minutes the first time! but ready to pop out in less than a minute.> My uncle is definitely a big dude and he used it with no issues. He’s over 6 ft and also over 300, and he was able to use it without any issues.OVERALL – this is a must for camping with females, families, or just with lots of people around. Very worth it!

  14. Kindle Customer

    Love this pop up. Great size. Enough space for large adult to use the bathroom and change. I like that it comes with a tarp for the ground and a rain gaurd. Has held up through thunderstorms and heat. All kinds of weather. Will see how it does in the winter. Feels like good quality and the sides are not see through. Very pleased. Zipper is easy to zip and unzip. Has an air vent and inside storage pocket for toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Easy to store and put up.

  15. Melissa

    Good quality. We use it when camping. It was easy to set up. It was durable, and you can’t see through the fabric. We camp in windy conditions, and it has held up well so far.

  16. Deborah Pennington

    Used for a portable bathroom. Plenty of room for adults to move around. Great quality. It took a couple tries to get it twisted back up, but we got it! Extremely happy with it!

  17. S R

    On the beach, on campgrounds, this Privacy tent is an incredible smart idea.To try and change in the minivan (which we use), or in a dirty bathroom, if we can find one, is a big pain.This tent ticks all the check marks for usability when camping. It has the square footage inside to move freely, it has the height to accommodate tall persons, it has the place to hang clothing on two opposite sides, and a net pocket at chest level to keep small items.It has the top part with screens, open to the sky, bringing in natural light, or one can hang a lantern inside. The top can be covered with the supplied cover, making it close to outdoors. The tarp is made of strong and thick material, and it won’t tear because of a stone.I’m just not so sure about taking a shower in it. I like to take long showers and unless we’ll be close to a hot/cold faucet with a hose – it is more a wish, than reality. As for folding it, it is easy. Please practice few times, before the trip.Regardless, given the multitude of utilities which come with this tent – no question that we made a very smart choice to get it. I attached some pictures, more details on the product page.

  18. Yan L.

    We really made good use out of this tent during our camping trip. You may say it is not that essential, especially if you are short for space in your vehicle- but with three ladies in the group the need for privacy/shower is pretty high, and it is wonderful to have such a tent to accommodate that.

  19. Mike

    So glad I found this portable pop up tent! It’s easy to open and close, folds up into its case, easy to store.

  20. Katiekat91

    Very happy with the purchase we use it often when camping and it’s been pure bliss brings showers to a whole new level as well as getting a travel toilet spacious and definitely easy to function At first was little hard to figure out the folding but after two times it was easy you will get it! Sheer not see through and Extremely light weight

  21. Karina

    I really liked this pop up a lot, until I tried to fold it up. Couldn’t figure it out, neither could the 3 other adults I was with. Pretty sure one guy damaged trying to get it to fold down..:(

  22. tracy

    Super easy to set up and take down. Bought/used for our 2 week camping trip. Worked great.

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