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Portable Toilet Replacement Wash Sprayer


Compact Handheld Shower Head Toilet Attachment for Easy Cleaning Indoor & Outdoor Camping Commode – Suitable for Any 1.7″ Water Tank Cap for Camping, RV, Boat & More

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Portable Toilets are very essential when you’re going on a camping trip, especially for families with small children, and keeping them clean and prevent the unpleasant odor is NUMBER ONE priority for a perfect camping experience. That is why we have the right toilet sprayer that is easy to maintain and operate with extended useful life so you can use it for the years to come
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Designed with sprayer nozzle that can be easily turn on and off with three different levels that allows you to spray centralized, disperse or turn the sprayer off. You only need to rotate the nozzle to switch the water mode.
  • FOR PORTABLE TOILET AND OUTDOOR CAMPING CLEANING – Now you can finally enjoy in a clean refreshed feeling thanks to this spray gun that will help you to clean the toilet seat after every use, and the best thing is that you can also use it to prevent urinary tract infection, or simply to wash your pet while you’re out camping. Could you ask for more
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT CLEAN UP PROCESS – Unlike toilet paper, using toilet sprayer is more hygienic that will give you fast and effective personal cleansing anytime and anywhere you go.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – There is nothing easier than attaching this portable shower sprayer without the need of any tools or a plumber. Now you can easily wash the toilet after every use with just attaching the wash sprayer to the 1.7″ Cap Water Tank or any other portable camping toilet with water tank, so you can have a full 360° CLEAN TOILET BOWL

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hen nature calls, grab your compact commode!

Maintaining a good hygiene while you’re backpacking or camping can be a real challenge, and there’s no better way to keep yourself clean and to easily wash your portable toilet, then using this wash sprayer that can be connected to any 1.7″ water tank cap. This is definitely the best invention for all tent campers ever.

Eco-FriendIy Wash Sprayer

Made from environmentally friendIy materials, that are lead-free and non-toxic which make this sprayer the perfect toilet accessory for your travel needs. With the perfect washing Sprayer your Portable Toilet will never be dirty again! Simply attach it to the water tank and spray your toilet after each use to have the most perfect and cleanest camping experience ever.

Portable Design

It’s light and easy to carry with unique spray design for perfect aim and cleaning of the RV toilet surface. With 36” Water Pipe and Water Tank Cap that can be screwed onto the opening of the Alpcour Portable Toilet. It can be easily connected to water tank, RV, Boats and so much more.

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The Ultimate Portable Toilet Add On

Our portable shower sprayer device is beneficial to keep healthy and hygienical life for you and your lovely family anytime you’re going to travel or camping. Sprayer tank clean‐out will help to avoid contamination and infections

Easy and Convenient to Use

Helps to keep away from odor. No plumping skills required. Simply connect this washer spray to any water tank with a 1.7″ Cap-Opening and just squeeze for a gentle spray of cleansing refreshing water.

Beside cleaning of your portable toilet, you can also use it for any outdoor camping cleaning like cleaning the dirt from your hands and your body, to wash your dishes,

Three Water Modes

Most of the washing sprayer are spraying water all over, but not this one. Now the cleaning sprayer nozzle will allow you to choose one of the three different modes with adjustable water pressure.

  1. Turn the nozzle counter clockwise to disperse state
  2. Turn the nozzle clockwise to centralized state
  3. Turn the nozzle clockwise to the end if you want to turn off the sprayer



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