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Bike Trainer 4-Tier Riser Block Extender


Compatible with 4-Tier Riser Blocks for Additional Height – More Intense Training and Better Emulation


  • IDEAL TRAINING SET-UP – As the product’s name indicates, Alpcour Block Extender is mainly developed to provide more height to your stackable Alpcour 4-tier bike training blocks. An additional height gives you a choice to go more intense in your training and thus create a more ideal training set-up.
  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC MATERIAL – Alpcour Block Extender was manufactured utilizing the same premium quality plastic material used with the molded riser blocks. It can effortlessly and safely support riders weighing up to 100kg. It can efficiently extend the height of your riser block without negatively affecting the integrity.
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY – To promote universality, Alpcour Block Extender, was designed to be compatible with Alpcour 4-tier Riser Blocks. It is super easy to install and use making it ideal for everyone.
  • ANTI-SKID DESIGN – Alpcour Block Extender is equipped with anti-skid pads which keeps the training block in place even during high intensity training boosting its stability. Stability is one of the main characteristics required, it also helps in keeping your floor scratch free as it also serves as a padding avoiding direct contact between the floor and the block.
  • ALL AROUND DESIGN – Alpcour has always considered both the quality of their products and the safety of their customers during development and manufacturing of every item. With the extremely durable molded plastic material used for the Alpcour Block Extender, it is ensured that it can support heavy weights without breaking. Additional safety function was also added to the anti-skid pad making the blocks completely stable.

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Customer Reviews

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Safe and stable.

The Block Extender's anti-skid design keeps me safe and stable during intense workouts. The anti-skid pads keep the training block securely in place, preventing slippage and protecting my floor from scratches.

So simple to use.

I love this product. It's very stable, good price, and easy to use.

Dan W.
It's more stable.

By using this product, I can do more intense training, so I can create a better training setup. It added a lot more stability.

It's perfect for my indoor cycling routine!

It's perfect for my indoor cycling routine! The quality is amazing - great materials and construction. Easy to install and works seamlessly with my 4-tier Riser Blocks. Extra height makes training more intense, and anti-skid pads make sure I stay steady. A fantastic addition to my workout gear!

Steady and worry-free.

This product is awesome. The anti-skid design will keep me steady and worry-free during intense workouts.

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